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BIDE is a platform for networking and exchange for dancers, choreographers and performers. We provide a space for artists to meet and work together, to research and develop material, to do tryouts and perform, and to find new inspirations and collaborations for artistic work. BIDE hosts one annual event each spring in Barcelona, plus satellite events and artists residencies throughout the summer in Europe. Applicants for BIDE should have professional experience and a strong interest in contemporary dance.

During the annual event of BIDE, we will work in a structure of B>lab's. Participants can propose to facilitate or co-facilitate a B>lab of the theme of their interest. Each day there will be 4-8 laboratories for people to choose from. Each evening there will be a showing or a performance, where we come together to exchange what has happened during the day.

The BIDE artist residencies are open for all the participants of the annual event. During the event, artists interested in continuing collaboration together, can apply for the residencies.

The aim of BIDE is to offer a structure that supports creative work to happen and share information in a non-hierarchic way. BIDE aims to support the sharing of information and experience as well as the methods to do so - thus, we emphasize a curious attitude towards working in a B>lab and finding ways to develop such collaboration structures.

BIDE welcomes only professional artists. We focus on dancers, choreographers and performing artists but invite also musicians working with dance. We have a limited space for students in the field of contemporary dance. There is also a limited possibility for scholarships through our partners.

Take a look at our photos and videos in the media section or videos on YouTube from BIDE 2009-2015, and browse through our website to read more about our events! You can also find BIDE in Facebook with interesting news.


2016 Activities

27st April - 01st May / BIDE 8th edition (Barcelona)

01st - 08th July / BIDE Residence in GREC Festival de Barcelona

02nd July / BIDE Conference in OPEN FLR (Florence, Italy)

24th - 28th August / B>lab in Guanajuato (Mexico)

14th - 24th November / BIDE Residence in La Visiva (Barcelona)

13th - 17th December / BIDE Conference in CAMP iN (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)


2017 Activities

26st - 30th April 2017 / BIDE 9th edition (Barcelona)

12th - 16th July 2017 / BIDE Satellite - NYIDE (New York, U.S.A.)



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Dear BIDE people,
Autumn is the season in which BIDE team is busy

with thinking how to improve BIDE project. 

We love BIDE as it is but at the same we want to

go forward,

Fast Forward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIt1HNO8hB4

So while thinking about upgrading BIDE 2017,

we would like to present to you a new format

that BIDE has generated this year.

As we already experienced in BIDE 2016 (Spain),

OPENFLR 2016 (Italy) and at Forum Cultural De

Guanajuato (Mexico), dancers and choreographers

are going more and more towards an hybrid role

of artist-organizer.
We support strongly this idea of the artist taking

responsabilities for the future of his

own community.
Therefore we introduced a new way of conceiving

a B>Lab in which the encounter doesn’t happen

only through body practises but also through

production projects.
The network of our partners and collaborators is

getting every year wider and we feel it’s time to

provide a structure for them to connect effectively.
So BIDE it’s now refining activities that can improve

dance organizations at different levels.

Besides the horizontal exchange that happens in the

studio, we are streghtening the BIDE experience by

giving workshops of production or B>labs for

organizators. The aim is always making people

reflect, meet, exchange and improve, on a

dancefloor as behind a laptop.
No matter if you run a big consolidated institution

in a metropolis or if you are starting to think about

a 2 days festival in your small hometown.

There is always something to learn from each other

and BIDE wants to be a medium for a fruitful dialogue

in this direction.

But BIDE takes care also about appearance and style.

Soon will be online a brand new website with a

renewed look, new sections and more content.
If you feel nostalgic you can have one last look at

this www.bide.be and get ready for the new version!

As 2016 BIDE events are over we would like to celebrate

with announcing all the scholarships that have been

offered thanks to our partners:
OPENFLR>>> Sarina Egan-Sitinjak (Canada)
EL DANSEU>>> Anna Apergi  (Greece)

Ramírez Hernández and Laura Paloma Monzón Rojas (Mexico)
We can’t wait to meet these amazing artists

at BIDE Barcelona 2017

Before leaving you to windy october, we will like to share

BIDErs activities and collaborations:

Déjà Donnè (Bide collaborator 2015) directed by Virginia

Spallarossa (BIDE 2015) is supporting the project "Sounding"

in which Fabritia D’Intino (BIDE artistic assistant) and Lucia

Guarino (SIDE 2013, BIDE 2014) collaborate with the musicians

Federico Scettri and David Brutti. The project has been

developed in Spazio ZUT! and just premiered at Young Jazz

Festival (Foligno, Italy,12-16 october).

Keep on sending us news about BIDErs

collaborations at artistic@bide.be

Have fun and always dance hard,



BIDE values

Our intention is to create a platform which supports dancers and choreographers to meet each other, exchange and develop material, knowledge and ideas. We offer a place for try-outs, collaborations, laboratories and performances. To create an inspiring and fruitful exchange, we emphasize self-responsibility. Above all, BIDE is set in action, defined and made meaningful by its participants.

  • We value giving space for artists with different backgrounds, ages and interests coming together, and various needs and ways of processing given material/ideas. Read more...
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